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Volt Maastricht Group Support Foundation

Volt Maastricht currently has two sitting city council members. Our council members are supported by a number of volunteers. This support is coordinated by the Volt Maastricht Group Support Foundation. This is a public benefit institution, which means that data must be published. This information can be found on this page.

General information

Legal form: Foundation

Statutory Name: Stichting Fractieondersteuning Volt Maastricht

Statutory Seat: Maastricht

KvK number: 86024299

Tax number (RSIN): 863836367

Bank account number (IBAN): NL70 BUNQ 2084 6845 87

Name: Volt Maastricht Group Support Foundation


Contact details

Volt Maastricht Group Support Foundation

Mailing address

Busschuttenpoort 2 B 05

6211WB Maastricht

Site web:



The Foundation aims to provide administrative, organizational and administrative support to the Volt group in the city council of the municipality of Maastricht. It also aims to carry out all further actions that are related to or may be conducive to the aforementioned purpose in the broadest sense.

Policy plan

With its activities, the Volt group promotes the interests of all residents of Maastricht. It does this by implementing the policy set by the party in its election program under the motto Maastricht in 2030: the beating heart of Europe. The election program consists of twelve priorities:

1. Better connections: Limburg, Belgium and Germany

2. Building affordable homes

3. A sustainable Maastricht in a green Europe

4. A citizens' council in Maastricht

5. The Meuse-Rhine Culture Fund

6. Councillor of the Future: European Affairs

7. Multilingualism at the heart of Europe

8. Museums between Meuse and Rhine: Connect Europeans

9. Social Maastricht

10. Education as a weapon against inequality

11. Newcomers & Entrepreneurs: Trust and Guidance

12. Feeling safe in the heart of Europe

More information about the policy implemented can be found in our policy plan.


The Board of the Foundation consists of an odd number of natural persons. The directors are appointed by the board and are all members of Volt Nederland when appointed. They are appointed for a maximum period of 4 years and can be reappointed once.

Julius Ortjens Chairman March 31, 2022 March 31, 2026

Mart den Heijer Secretary March 31, 2022 March 31, 2026

Robin Bakker Treasurer March 31, 2022 March 31, 2026


The directors receive no remuneration for their management activities. However, they are entitled to compensation for the costs they incur in the performance of their duties and not excessive vacancy fees.

Volunteers receive a volunteer allowance in accordance with the legal requirements.

Personnel that is appointed, such as a group supporter, are either commissioned or employed through a self-employed contract. An employment contract is then drawn up that meets the legal requirements.

Annual Report

We publish an annual report every year. Here you will find, among other things, a report on activities carried out and a financial statement with a balance sheet and statement of income and expenses. Annual Report on the Volt Maastricht Group Support Foundation 2022 (PDF)